6 Reasons to Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Strengthening your core muscles offers benefits beyond achieving your dream body or those coveted six-pack abs. Back pain can sometimes be caused by weak abdominal muscles (abs). Your abs anchor your frontal core, and if they are weak, the other structures supporting your spine, such as back muscles, will have to work harder. By developing … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Back

1. Perfect your posture It’s important to keep your spine correctly aligned, whether you are walking or sitting. One way to improve your posture is to imagine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling you gently toward the ceiling. Just thinking about it will help you lengthen your spine. When sitting, especially … Read more

Seasonal Changes and the Benefits of Massage Therapy

As the seasons shift, so do our bodies and minds. Each season brings its own unique set of challenges and opportunities for our well-being. The transition can have a profound effect on our physical and mental health. Temperature variations, fluctuations in daylight, and shifts in weather patterns can all influence how we feel and function. … Read more

Rejuvenating Spring News

How do you find time for fitness when so many things compete for your attention? It’s a common problem. The good news is that as little as 15 minutes a day can start a fitness habit – and deliver health benefits! Research has shown that within a study conducted over 12 years, almost half a … Read more

Use It or Lose It: Perfect Practice

November is off to a good start! We are back from holidays and refreshed.  I have been visiting this little slice of paradise in Florida for 42 years now… it feels like home and is the perfect mix of rest, relaxation and fun. As you can see from the photo here, Jim rarely rests on … Read more

Improve Longevity and Stay Healthy – Longer

Want to live longer? Get stronger… Until recently, one of the best predictors of longevity, how long you may live, was the strength of your grip.  If the “grip” muscles are weak, research has shown it is likely that other muscles are probably not working well either.  Is there more to consider? Dr. Araujo, a … Read more

Get In The Game Without The Pain!

Ah Summer… You’ve Finally Arrived. Now that the warmer days are here, more of us are heading out to the greens. One key to success on the golf course can’t be found at the pro shop. It’s the physical condition of the golfer. Pain shouldn’t be par for the course. Stay in the game by … Read more

Which is More Important – Diet or Exercise?

Diet or Exercise? It’s an Age-Old Question! We’re often asked, which is more important… diet or exercise? Simple question, simple answer…. both! How Diet Plays a Role in Everyday Life. When you eat a diet with a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables, less sugar, less processed food and generally make smart choices about what … Read more

Text Neck: How to Avoid Strains and Pains

Our modern digital age has brought many conveniences. We’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we were as a society 20 years ago – or even 5  years ago. Technology allows us to communicate, shop, and be entertained with the push of a button. It has improved our quality of  life, but it comes with … Read more

Neck Pain is a Common Problem

Neck pain is a common problem with many possible causes. Poor posture, hunching over a computer, arthritis, whiplash, and muscle strain from simple things like reading in bed or grinding your teeth can all trigger neck pain. In rare cases, neck pain can be a sign of something serious. Seek immediate attention if your neck … Read more

Building Your Core

Building Your Core, So Your Back’s Not Sore You often hear about the importance of strengthening your core. This is true and important, but it is recommended for many reasons over and above just achieving your dream body. Many people have back pain and this can sometimes be caused by weak abdominal muscles. In fact, … Read more

Overlooked Causes of Shoulder Pain

Not All Should Pain is the Same Not all shoulder pain is a result of damage to the shoulder muscles (rotator cuff).  Quite often there is a posture issue that evolves over time and can result in improper movement of the shoulder joint leading to rotator cuff injuries. Upper cross syndrome, (shown at left) results … Read more

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