Use It or Lose It: Perfect Practice

November is off to a good start! We are back from holidays and refreshed.  I have been visiting this little slice of paradise in Florida for 42 years now… it feels like home and is the perfect mix of rest, relaxation and fun.

As you can see from the photo here, Jim rarely rests on vacation, between walking the beaches, fishing and throwing the girls in the pool, he keeps himself in motion.  This picture is a great example of working on something until you get it right…. it took several attempts to capture the moment perfectly and it took MANY throws to get Stella out of the water and posing until she was happy with the results.

One morning while attending a yoga class on the beach, the instructor told us to watch our posture- a typical comment to a group of people I think.  However, next she reminded us that “Practice does not make perfect…. Perfect practice makes perfect!”  What an interesting way to change up this common phrase.  How we do something is more important than just getting it done.

By now we know, we MUST keep moving.  My last post highlighted the sit to stand test which allowed you to see how well you use your strength and coordination. How did you do? Was there some room for improvement?

Let us break down some of the steps and start our journey to a stronger you.

A stable pelvis is the result of the coordination of several muscles.  The gluteus medius are important muscles that help you when you are standing/walking/climbing.  To see if you need some help in this area, try the following.  Stand with both feet flat on the floor and slightly lift one foot a few inches off the ground.  Do you easily lose your balance?  Do you rest your weight on the standing leg and stick that hip out?  If you said yes to either of these, you will benefit from this exercise.

The hip hike can be done on a flat surface or up on a stair/step. The goal is to bring your hips to even height. Try not to think about “lifting the leg up” while performing this move, instead think of your standing leg and squeeze that hip/glut area to bring your hips level. It will take some focus, try to repeat 10-20 times on each keg. Feel free to keep a light hold of chair or railing for balance.

Click here to watch this exercise in action.

Stay tuned for more ways to keep your foundation strong.


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