Madison Kierstead, Registered Massage Therapist

Madison Kierstead, R.M.T.
Madison Kierstead, Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.)

Madison’s passion for helping others led her to the Massage Therapy program at Mohawk College, which she completed in June of 2021. She is a member in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO).

Madison Kierstead is also Certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) through the Dr. Vodder School International. Complex Decongestive Therapy certification involves 3 levels:

  • Level 1: Basic Lymphatic Drainage
  • Level 2: Advanced Techniques in Lymphatic Drainage
  • Level 3: Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is the build up of fluid in soft tissue when the lymph system is damaged or blocked. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) are used to reduce excess swelling and inflammation in the body and promote healing.

Learn more about the healing power of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).

Why Registered Massage Therapy?

There are many reasons that people come for a massage. Stress relief, relaxation, migraines, and chronic pain issues, can all be effectively treated using massage techniques. Madison is always excited to help clients work through challenges and maintain a sense of health and wellness.

Why Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Complex Decongestive Therapy?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage/Complex Decongestive therapies are specialized massage techniques that aim to stimulate and support the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system plays a vital role in maintaining overall health by assisting in the removal of waste products, toxins, and excess fluids from the body. Unlike the circulatory system, which relies on the heart’s pumping action, the lymphatic system depends on muscle contractions and manual manipulation to function effectively. Learn more about MLD.

Spare Time Pursuits

In her spare time, Madison enjoys being outdoors with her dog Bentley and spending time with friends and family.

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