Kathleen Nazar Corbett, Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Kathleen Nazar Corbett, Corbett Family Chiropractic
Dr. Kathleen Nazar Corbett, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Raised in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Kathleen attended the University of Waterloo, where she received an Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc) degree. Kathleen met Jim Corbett in 1996 while attending the National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois. They both received their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees after completing the five-year program and in 2000 Dr. Kathleen Nazar Corbett and Dr. Jim Corbett established Corbett Family Chiropractic in Burlington, Ontario.

Growing up, Kathleen was inspired in many ways by her father, Dr. Dennis Nazar, a well-known and respected Radiologist with 50+ years of experience in the healthcare field. He was also a successful business owner, managing multiple x-ray clinics in the Niagara Region. Kathleen knew from an early age that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps by being involved in healthcare, and running her own business. And so she did. Kathleen followed her brothers, Dr. Michael Nazar and the late Dr. Bill Nazar, and her uncle, the late Dr. Gerald Nazar, into the Chiropractic profession.

Kathleen’s approach to each patient’s needs and concerns allows her to provide integrative/integrated care through skilled and gentle treatments. Continuing education allows Kathleen to approach problems from a unique perspective. Kathleen’s skills as a healthcare practitioner include:

  • Diversified chiropractic treatment
  • Graston Technique® soft tissue therapy
  • Manual scar integration therapy
  • Fascial manipulation therapy

Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

In August 2011, Kathleen found a lump in her right breast on a random breast self-exam. After many tests, a biopsy confirmed that she had breast cancer, stage 2 ductal carcinoma in situ. After having a mastectomy and undergoing chemotherapy, Kathleen had reconstruction, including the insertion of bilateral breast implants.

The process has not been easy. The surgical scars limited the range of motion and caused much pain. Through much dedication and hard work, Kathleen has restored (and somewhat improved) her shoulder range of motion on both sides and has begun strengthening her body in a new way.

Fascial Manipulation and Post-Mastectomy Pain Recovery

Kathleen wanted to use her knowledge, experience and education to bring new therapies to others who have been through breast cancer. In December 2014 she began extensive training in fascial manipulation and manual methods for post-mastectomy and lumpectomy recovery.

The protocol locates and treats issues arising from surgery (such as restricted range of motion (ROM) & axillary web syndrome (cording)) or the side effects of radiation, chemotherapy and psycho-social challenges. These therapies have also proven especially effective in helping with the effects of lymphedema, commonly associated with post-mastectomy procedures.

Kathleen is passionate about using her professional skills to treat musculoskeletal pain and helping patients recover from surgical scarring, including breast cancer-related issues. If you have pain and limitation from breast cancer surgery, reach out to Kathleen. Life shouldn’t hurt. Please call the Corbett Family Chiropractic team at 905-681-3112 or contact us by email.

Dragon Boating and Breast Cancer

In 2019 Kathleen joined Knot A Breast, a dragon boating team for breast cancer survivors. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, the team paddles out of Mycassa Bay Yacht Club. An encouraging group, Knot A Breast, knows the importance of keeping physically active for the body’s mental and physical well-being.

On a Personal Note…

Kathleen and Jim live in Burlington with their beautiful and talented daughters, Abby and Stella. As a family, they enjoy travelling, outings of all kinds, and experiencing new things! Kathleen loves any and all types of movement, a brisk walk, a good bike ride, game of tennis, whatever gets the heart pumping. With two young girls the family is always on the move. Movement is life!

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