My Chiropractor of choice since 2002

Dr. Jim Corbett has been my Chiropractor of choice since 2002. His care has always been consistent, reliable and top notch. My appreciation for Jim goes beyond regular adjustments. Jim has also advised me, helping enhance my overall feeling of health. This includes providing me with custom orthotics to improve my posture. What a difference! If you haven’t consulted with Jim, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’d recommend him for anyone.

Peter S

Helping me choose the right product

I appreciate the personal guidance that Dr. Jim and Dr. Kathleen provide when rehabilitation products are required. I have tremendous confidence knowing that my health care professional is right beside me – helping me choose the right product for my needs!

Wendy M

Acupuncture has changed my life!

Acupuncture has changed my life! It started as treatment for an injury I was suffering from, but now, I have made it a regular part of my health care regime. Don’t be scared. I was afraid of needles until I met Paul. His gentle but focused technique has changed my entire perspective on acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He really does target and provide pin-point relief! Paul’s treatments relieve aches and pains I have been fighting for years – and I feel so much better, happier and healthier now. If you are wondering if you should try acupuncture, stop wondering and just do it. Your body will thank you for it.

Julie E

No further issues or complications

Since having major colon surgery in 2003 I have been taking FibreSMART and OilSMART by Renew Life on a daily basis. These natural products are designed to ensure good colon health and proper function of this vital organ. The general lack of fibre in our diets today makes these products essential for good health and elimination. I have had no further issues or complications since taking both of these products. Renew Life products have been researched and developed by experts in the area of gastrointestinal medicine.

Rob G

Superior service and care

This is just a note to thank you for your superior service and care given to me and other members of my staff and their families.  Personally, the treatment and care have made it easier to do my job and work without pain.  The extra time you spend and your knowledge in your field put you ahead of the pack of chiropractors. I would not have any hesitation to recommend or refer to you any of my friends or family.  Once again thank you for doing your part to keep Grohmann Electrical Services running pain free.

Mark G

Making everyday life easier

Since having three lumpectomies and then a mastectomy four years ago, I thought I would have to put up with the constant discomfort of scar tissue and limited movement. However Dr Kathleen Nazar Corbett has through her technique improved both of these issues making everyday life easier. Just wish I had found her earlier.

Margaret M

Graston Technique – What a difference!

If I could stop keyboarding, gardening, and lifting I wouldn’t have repetitive strain injury (RSI). But these activities are part of my daily life both personally and professionally.  Before heading down the path to surgery, Kathleen suggested I try the Graston Technique – which focuses on repairing soft tissue damage caused by things like repetitive strain and overuse. What a difference!  Kathleen’s skill with the Graston Technique along with strengthening and stretching exercises helps me enjoy life – without pain!  You haven’t ‘tried everything’ unless you’ve tried this!

Louise R

Feeling more balanced, less stressed and relaxed

I have been seeing Tracy for a couple of years for both Reiki and Reflexology.  Tracy is very calming and relaxing in every session I have with her.  She makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  I leave each session that I have with her, feeling more balanced, less stressed, relaxed, and I get a good nights sleep.

Sandy L

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No Pressure

No Hassles

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