How to Take Care of Your Back

1. Perfect your posture

It’s important to keep your spine correctly aligned, whether you are walking or sitting. One way to improve your posture is to imagine a string attached to the top of your head, pulling you gently toward the ceiling. Just thinking about it will help you lengthen your spine. When sitting, especially in front of a computer, be sure the chair supports your lower back – in a neutral position – and that both feet are flat on the floor. Don’t slump or use armrests to help reduce stress on the upper body. Use a supportive mattress and pillow for good sleeping posture, and sleep on your back or side. We can help you improve your posture with non-intrusive, manual adjustments to the vertebrae of the spine and other joints to restore proper motion and improve function!



2. Be more active – every day

Poor fitness is associated with back pain. All types of activity contribute to back health, especially strength exercises for the back and abdominal muscles, and flexibility stretching for the entire body. Walking is a wonderful way to get fresh air, clear the cobwebs and combat sedentary behaviour. Always warm up before physical activity and stretch when you’re finished. Make physical activity a habit!

3. Lift with care

Avoid lifting heavy objects that may place too much strain on your back. When you do lift, bend your knees and use your arm and leg muscles, not your back, to do the work. Hold the object close to your body and distribute the weight evenly.

4.  Other lifestyle habits can make a difference

  • Maintaining a healthy weight reduces strain on your back.
  • Drinking several glasses of water daily helps to keep your entire body hydrated, including the discs of your spine. Your spinal discs need water to keep them cushiony, which is good for back health.
  • Mind/body activities, such as restorative yoga and regular massage therapy can help you avoid stress-related back problems.
  • Learn about risk factors and prevention from the Mayo Clinic.

5. See a health professional

If your back pain persists see a health professional, such as a chiropractor. It may go away on its own, but there’s also a chance that it will recur if left untreated.

In addition to chiropractic care, we offer many complementary healthcare therapies, such as:

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