Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum, Reflexologist & Reiki Master

Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum Registered Reflexologist and Reiki Master
Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist™ and Certified Reiki Master

Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum has been practicing Reflexology since 1995. She is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist™ (RCRT) and a member of the Reflexology Association of Canada.

Over the years, Tracy has offered private in-home and spa sessions to clinics and medical offices. She has also volunteered Reflexology services to Shoppers Drug Mart Gala Fundraisers, been a frequent guest speaker at Mohawk College on reflexology and reiki therapies, and has produced her own Reflexology for Beginners and Japanese Reiki for Beginners DVDs.

Certified Reiki Master

Tracy has completed the 3rd level of Reiki training making her a Certified Reiki Master. She has been practicing since 2009. Tracy’s approach to Reflexology and Reiki is deeply rooted in holistic health. She enjoys combining Reflexology and Reiki therapies together for a mind, body, and soul relaxation experience.

Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame

A fourth degree black belt, Tracy has over 40 years of experience in Martial Arts. She was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame for Silver Lifetime Achievement in Costa Mesa, California in 2013, for her work in educating women of all ages on self-defense and assault prevention. Her program, Look Strong! Act Strong! Be STRONG! was something Tracy taught women in the community for many years, both in schools, businesses and shelters. Tracy is also a contributor to Fighting Spirit, a blog on martial arts, wellness and goal setting. Martial Arts was woven into her fabric at a young age, affording Tracy the opportunity to use her knowledge to help clients with stretching and meditation exercises.

Tracy’s skills, knowledge and experience in Martial Arts, Reflexology and Reiki make her treatments quite remarkable. She is able to provide each client with precisely what they need to feel relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated.

Family Life

Tracy enjoys a full and active life in Brantford with her husband, Tyler and two stepsons. Tracy also has two cats, named Mr. Miyagi and Sensei Kitty. How appropriate!

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