What’s Your Therapy?

A cozy cup of coffee, a steaming Jacuzzi, conversation with friends. Our physical and mental recuperation comes in many forms — though no method is as unlikely as the prick of a needle.

A Personal Perspective on Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an intimidating treatment for the first-time recipient. Questions whirled through my mind when I first visited an acupuncture practitioner:

  • How many needles will be used?
  • Do they hurt?
  • How long are they in me for?
  • And, most importantly, how soon can I expect results?

Nothing is presumed when you consider that, in a way, you’re paying someone to stab you. But a good acupuncturist makes you feel comfortable despite your naiveté (and inappropriately nervous sense of humour). He or she answers any questions. Thus, with care, you can find a good acupuncturist before you commit to treatment. Meet Paul Marchinko, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist. acupuncture may help with many conditionsLying down and soon discovering the needles did not pain me, I was overtaken by intrigue. Some needles elicited a wash of relaxation, others, a nipping friction. But they came together, as accomplices in action, and they soon built a harmonious energy within me. Before long, I was snoring.

Twenty minutes later, I was gently awoken by my practitioner. While he undimmed the lights and clicked off the ambient melody of waterfalls, I stayed on my back floating on the meditative rift between hibernation and focus. I was sleepy yet…re-energized. Then, physically, with each step out of the clinic, I felt the discomfort of my injury feathering away.

Western medicine is patchwork through prescription; it fixes a problem without considering prevention. Eastern medicine guides you on a journey towards mental and physical well-being. Journeys are subjective and sometimes imprecise, so you’ve probably heard acupuncture has these traits. But don’t be dissuaded by uncertainties. Just like that cup of coffee, some days it’s merely a simple comfort, but other days it’s the only thing you need. No matter what, it’s never a regret.

Though, coffee, that Jacuzzi, friends — they can’t nurture your physical and mental self simultaneously. Acupuncture can. Unique from anything else, it fixes and focuses within the same moment. It is a consummate therapy.

The difference, amazingly, is all in the prick of a needle.

Josh Bailie, Producer

If you would like to explore or learn more about Acupuncture, Tui Na Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Paul Marchinko feel free to contact Corbett Family Chiropractic. We’re conveniently located in downtown Burlington, offer free parking (behind the building), flexible hours, and practitioners who care!

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