Jane Kierstead, Patient Services Co-ordinator

Jane Kierstead was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) in 1994. The next 20+ years were spent moving every three years with her military husband, Keith, before happily settling back in the Hamilton area.

Jane currently lives with her two adult children, Madison and Peter, and husband of 25 years, Keith. However, the true star of the home is “Bentley The Chocolate Labrador” who keeps them all busy and fully entertained.

Jane is a Foodie who loves reading cookbooks, cooking, and trying new restaurants. She loves hiking, wine-tasting, snowshoeing and drag brunches and spends lots of time with her wonderful friends and family in all these fine pursuits! She considers herself adventurous and looks forward to exploring her wanderlust with lots of interesting travel in the future.

Dragon Boating and Breast Cancer

Dragon boating is her current passion and she recently returned from a trip to New Zealand where she raced against teams from 31 countries around the world! She spends much of her free time these days training with the Knot A Breast, a breast cancer survivor dragon boat team, as well as serving as current Chair of their Board.

In 2018, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer and continues the journey to improving both the quantity and quality of her life. She is grateful to have a position working in a positive environment that supports others in optimizing their health as well!

As Patient Services Co-ordinator at Corbett Family Chiropractic, Jane is looking forward to answering your questions and booking your appointments when you email or call. Get in touch today!



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