Preventing Knee Injuries in Young Soccer Players

Soccer Player KickingThe Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) released a position statement recently recommending the FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program for preventing ACL injury in youth soccer players.

Soccer Injuries Unwrapped

Soccer is one of the top three sports contributing to injuries in Canadian youth (ages 11-18) and accounts for more than 10% of all sport injuries that require medical attention.

The FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program is a 20 minute warm up that consists of 15 exercises, including running, strength, plyometrics, balance and additional running components.  Teams that performed the “FIFA 11+” at least two times a week had 30-50% few injured players.

The CASEM is recommending that all Canadian youth soccer players engage in exercises programs that incorporate balance, agility and strength training in their routine practice and warm ups.  They also recommend that soccer teams work with a qualified health or physical education professional in the institution of an ACL prevention program for the team’s training sessions.

Dr. Jim Corbett and Dr. Kathleen Nazar Corbett, are Doctors of Chiropractic at Corbett Family Chiropractic in downtown Burlington, Ontario, and have extensive training in the treatment and prevention of spine and musculoskeletal injuries as well as helping integrate exercise programs to avoid future injuries. Through various techniques, including the Graston Integrated Soft Tissue Methods (“Graston Technique”), Jim and Kathleen are able to treat any injuries in natural and non-invasive ways. And for children – that makes all the difference!

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