Strengthening Your Core

Improve Your Core Strength

We have been saying it for years: to strengthen your back and decrease your back pain you need to improve your core strength. According to  Dr. Perry Nickelston, if you don’t own your abdominal oblique muscles you don’t own walking, and if you don’t own walking, you don’t own movement. If you don’t own movement, you don’t own your spine. It’s that simple. But what does that really mean and how do you do it?

Our internal oblique muscles are in important part of the core stabilization of the body.  These muscles attach to our diaphragm, other abdominal muscles and even the fascia or covering of the lower back.

Do you hold your breath during certain activities?  Do you have difficulty turning to one side compared to the other? These may be signs that your oblique muscles are not working properly.

Below is a basic exercise to start improving muscle strength and coordination.  Please remember, it is the quality of the exercise not the quantity. Two to three proper repetitions are better than 10 or more done poorly.

Passion 4 Profession has an amazing demonstration of how to perform this exercise and how to breath properly while doing the exercise.

Tuck your chin to chest and slightly raise your shoulder blades off the ground, slowly reach your right hand toward your right foot and then return to the middle starting point.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Work your way up to performing 10 repetitions per side.

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