The Truth Behind New Year’s Resolutions!

Here we are, 118 days into the New Year. How are you doing so far with your resolutions? Do you bother even making New Year’s resolutions anymore?

facts about new years resolutionsResolutions by the Numbers

The numbers are in, and they could look better.

  • Approximately 38% of adults still make resolutions.
  • The top three resolutions are health-related. 48% of people want to exercise more. Eating more healthily and losing weight are close behind.
  • Of those who want to move their bodies, 23% quit their goals in the first week! Only 9% stick with it.
  • Surprisingly, 43% of adults are expected to quit completely by the end of February.

Why Don’t Resolutions Work?

People may be setting unrealistic goals for themselves. They lose motivation, are too busy, or their priorities change.

Creating new habits is hard! Author/researcher James Clear has some great advice in his book Atomic Habits. He recommends pairing your new desired habit with a current habit. For example, After/Before (current habit), I will (new habit):

After I take off my work shoes, I will immediately change into my workout clothes.”

Before I start brushing my teeth, I will balance on one foot.”

Steps to Success

  • Start small. Our most outstanding achievements are going from zero to start!
  • Be clear. Why do you want the change? What is your real motivation?
  • Set realistic timelines for yourself.
  • One small step at a time is the only way to tackle your goal.
  • Find a way to side step problems or obstacles.

Overcoming Obstacles

Here are some of the challenges patients talk to us about along with some suggestions.

Problem: Stiff or painful joints when you start moving
Possible Solution: Chiropractic

Problem: Not getting restful sleep
Possible Solution: Reflexology

Problem: Sore muscles
Possible Solution: Massage Therapy

Problem: Feeling disconnected
Possible Solution: Acupuncture

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