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Reflexology is based on the study of reflexes and is a natural therapeutic method based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet linked to all the organs and systems of the body. Reflexology is a non-invasive and gentle therapy that restores the body’s natural balance, which in turn promotes relaxation and healing.

How Reflexology Can Help

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How Does Reflexology Help?

Reflexology therapy can help relieve stress and support your body’s efforts to function at optimal efficiency. The application and effect of Reflexology are unique to each person. The Reflexologist’s trained hands detect tiny deposits and imbalances and by stimulating these points, blockages are released. Reflexology is a safe and non-invasive complementary therapeutic practice.

Reflexologists use foot charts to guide them as they apply pressure to specific areas. Reflexology is sometimes combined with other hands-on therapies and may be suggested as a complementary therapy by chiropractors, physical/physio therapists, and other health care practitioners.

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Meet our Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™), Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum

The History of Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing art, which is over 3,000 years old. Its roots can be found in India, Egypt and China. Reflexology therapy is primarily done on the feet and hands. There are reflexes on the feet, hands, face and ears that correspond to every organ and system of the body. Through the gentle application of pressure and the stimulation of these reflexes, the body can help heal and balance itself. Not only does Reflexology promote balance within the body, it may also help to increase circulation, help with foot pain, and relieve stress. This wonderful therapy will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Everyone can benefit from reflexology.

Reflexology Therapy Can Help You Manage

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Musculoskeletal pain
  • Hormonal and digestive issues


Reported Benefits from Reflexology

  • Reduced stress and released tension
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved relaxation and body function
  • Enhanced wellness
  • Increased mobility


How are Reflexology Therapists Trained?

A Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™) is a professional reflexology therapist who is trained in the techniques of reflexology and/or specialized protocols and has been tested in the professional application of reflexology. RCRTs are subject to the highest level of competency through the RCRT Exam, continuing education, and working within RAC’s Standard of Practice and professional Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. The Reflexology Association of Canada ensures that all professionals who bear the federally-trademarked designation of RCRT abide by these procedures, which protect the profession as well as public interest and safety.

Learn More About Reflexology Therapy

Would you like to learn more about Reflexology at Corbett Family Chiropractic? Get in touch with us today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Book an appointment with our Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™), Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient Japanese healing approach that works with the life force energy found in all living things known as ‘ki’ or ‘chi’.

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Reiki is a safe, gentle, and non-invasive, energy-based healing technique that not works with the physical body, but also your energy centers, known as chakras.

Through a series of hand positions/movements, just above or on the clothed body, Reiki practitioners deliver energy to your body, which in turn is believed to improve the flow and balance needed to support healing.

Reiki has been known to ease pain, reduce stress and anxiety and promote deep relaxation.

Reiki is different from other treatments/therapies because there is no pressure or manipulation involved.

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Meet our Reiki Master, Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum

The History of Reiki

The history of Reiki can be traced back to Dr. Mikao Usui, sometimes referred to as the Usui Sensei. As a child, Dr. Usui studied in a Buddhist monastery where he learned martial arts, swordsmanship, and the Japanese form of Chi Kung, known as Kiko. He became interested in finding a way to heal himself and others using the laying on of hands. Dr. Usui wanted to find a method of healing that was unattached to any specific religion and religious belief so that his system would be accessible to everyone. Learn more about the history of Reiki.

How Does Reiki Work?

The Reiki method of healing is based on the understanding of the body’s energy system. Reiki Practitioners strive to improve the health and quality of life of their clients by offering their energy to restore balance. The International Association of Reiki Professionals mentions that Reiki is used as self-care for family members, and is offered in private practice and in hospitals and medical settings as an adjunct and supportive therapy to wellness and traditional medical care. The form of Reiki that many people practice today, Usui Reiki, has been in use for over one hundred years.

Reported Health Benefits of Reiki


Reiki promotes relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief to improve overall health and well-being. It can:

  • Bring on a meditative state
  • Foster tissue and bone healing after injury or surgery
  • Stimulate your body’s immune system
  • Promote natural self-healing
  • Relieve pain and tension
  • Support the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis

The National Library of Medicine has cited studies showing that Reiki treatments may create feelings of:

  • Peace and relaxation
  • Security
  • Wellness

Read more about the health benefits of Reiki from Reiki Master, Victoria Bodner, LMT.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

Some people have described sensations such as warmth, tingling or pulsing in areas where the Reiki practitioner has placed their hands, while others have described no sensation at all.

Learn More About Reiki
Would you like to learn more about Reiki in Burlington at Corbett Family Chiropractic? Connect with us. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can also help you book an appointment with our Reiki Master, Tracy Warrener Van Kruistum.

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