Sleep Shouldn’t Be A Pain In The Neck

Cute… but Correct for Sleep?

We’ve all been there, someone has fallen asleep and although it looks awkward, we choose to let them be instead of shifting them into a more comfortable position.

How Much Time Do We Spend Sleeping?

We will spend about one third of our lives sleeping, so don’t you think its a good idea to make sure you have the right tools to get the most restful sleep?

The right tools

There are several things that can make sleeping easier.  From soft sheets and a dark, quiet room to making your bedroom a tech free place.  It takes a bit of effort to change your surroundings and create the space you need to give you the best sleep.

What to look for when you’re choosing a pillow.

Mattresses and pillow are also important and what is good for one person is not always what works for another.  Trying out a few options will make the choice easier.  Silly as it sounds, 10 minutes is a good time to test a mattress, too bad if someone else is waiting.  Let your body sink (or not) and move around a bit to see how it feels.  Pillows are a bit easier to change if one is not working for you.  Ask around, see what your friends and family are using.  Check online reviews and even check out return policies if you are concerned.

Whatever you decide, take your time. You’re worth it! Would you like more self-help strategies? Subscribe to Health Living Naturally brought to you by the friendly folks at Corbett Family Chiropractic!

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