15 Days of Christmas – Day 2

Treat yourself to a one hour therapeutic or hot stone massage with Emily Berridge. New clients welcome.  Insurance will not be billed. Winner will be notified within 24 hours of the draw. To enter your name for this prize, CLICK HERE.

15 Days of Christmas – Day 1

To begin this year’s holiday season and kick off our celebrations, we invite you to share the Gift of Health from Corbett Family Chiropractic. Today’s prize is a Complimentary Chiropractic Initial Visit.   We would love you to give this gift to a friend, family member, neighbour… your choice! Contest open to everyone.  (You do … Read more

15 Days of Christmas

Stay Tuned! Corbett Family Chiropractic’s 15 Days of Christmas begins Tuesday, December 8th. Sore muscle relief, pinched nerve relief, back spasm relief starts here!  

Readers’ Choice Award Winners!

Enjoy this blast from our past! The 2015 Burlington Post Readers’ Choice Awards Go To: Corbett Family Chiropractic has won GOLD for Best Chiropractic Clinic Dr. Kathleen Nazar Corbett has won PLATINUM for Best Chiropractor What make us so special? We believe it is our personalized attention to detail. We love taking the time to … Read more

Lymphedema and Graston Technique

You have finally made it through surgery and the healing process is well on its way… then one day you notice some itching, then out of nowhere you see that you have some swelling! “Where did that come from?” is what we ask ourselves. Lymphedema can occur months or even years after surgery.  It can … Read more

Health Trends

Here we are half way through January already.  I wanted to take a moment and share with you the top Health Trends of 2015 from the Canadian Health Food Association. Generally speaking, I am not a fan of “trends” when it comes to healthcare, but this year I was pleasantly surprised that the trends actually … Read more

How Chiropractic Can Help With Ankle Problems

A fascinating pilot study has shown that athletes with ankle problems had improved jumping performance after receiving chiropractic adjustments. Jump Higher With Chiropractic Compared to a group that received a “mock” treatment, those that had adjustments to the ankle joints were able to jump higher after just three weeks. This preliminary research is promising for … Read more

Preventing Knee Injuries in Young Soccer Players

The Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM) released a position statement recently recommending the FIFA 11+ Injury Prevention Program for preventing ACL injury in youth soccer players. Soccer Injuries Unwrapped Soccer is one of the top three sports contributing to injuries in Canadian youth (ages 11-18) and accounts for more than 10% of … Read more

Strengthening Your Core

Improve Your Core Strength We have been saying it for years: to strengthen your back and decrease your back pain you need to improve your core strength. According to  Dr. Perry Nickelston, if you don’t own your abdominal oblique muscles you don’t own walking, and if you don’t own walking, you don’t own movement. If … Read more

What To Do About Scar Pain

If you’ve had surgery (minor or major), and have been given the okay to start moving again, you may feel tightness, pins and needles near the scar, and sometimes muscle weakness and scar pain. Non-invasive therapy is available to help. Post-Surgery Scar Therapy Scar tissue and fascial* restrictions can be detected and broken down using … Read more

Preventing the Common Cold with Probiotics

Probiotics have become a popular topic in the health industry over the past few years. We are all familiar with the Activia commercials, promoting good bowel habits by eating their yogurt, but did you know that probiotics can keep you healthy in other ways? Like preventing a cold. Probiotics Can Boost Your Immune System According … Read more

Pay it Forward

In the movie Pay it Forward, a young boy teaches the adults around him a very big lesson by demonstrating a concept he calls, “pay it forward”. Pay it forward is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by performing one for someone else. In other words, if I … Read more

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