What To Do About Scar Pain

If you’ve had surgery (minor or major), and have been given the okay to start moving again, you may feel tightness, pins and needles near the scar, and sometimes muscle weakness and scar pain. Non-invasive therapy is available to help. Post-Surgery Scar Therapy Scar tissue and fascial* restrictions can be detected and broken down using … Read more

Preventing the Common Cold with Probiotics

Probiotics have become a popular topic in the health industry over the past few years. We are all familiar with the Activia commercials, promoting good bowel habits by eating their yogurt, but did you know that probiotics can keep you healthy in other ways? Like preventing a cold. Probiotics Can Boost Your Immune System According … Read more

Pay it Forward

In the movie Pay it Forward, a young boy teaches the adults around him a very big lesson by demonstrating a concept he calls, “pay it forward”. Pay it forward is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by performing one for someone else. In other words, if I … Read more

It’s Just a Headache

Ever had a headache? Most people have. In fact 45 million Americans suffer from chronic and recurrent headaches. When is a headache just that and when is it a “medical emergency”? To start, lets be clear… there is no such thing as a normal “ache in your head”. According to the National Headache Foundation there … Read more

Can’t Sleep?

Do you lay in bed at night looking at the clock and calculating how many hours of sleep you could get if you fell asleep right now? Do you wonder why you were falling asleep at your desk today but can’t now? Are you waking up more tired than when you went to sleep? You … Read more

Foot Pain: Oh My Aching Feet

Do you have sharp pain in your foot as soon as you step down getting out of bed?  Even if you have never had foot pain prior to this moment, you could be experiencing the onset of Plantar Fasciitis. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis) involves pain and inflammation of a thick … Read more

Going Bananas

Did you know that banana’s are the 2nd most popular fruit around the world? We eat more bananas than oranges and apples combined! The banana plant is not a tree.  It is actually the world’s largest herb and grows up to 25 feet high and 9 feet across.  Bananas are closely related to ginger and … Read more

Shoulder Pain: When Should I See a Chiropractor?

Eight out of ten Canadians will experience pain at some point in their life, and at least one third of people in Ontario will have back pain at any given time. For many people, the pain can keep them away from work, school or even their day to day activities. If back pain, shoulder pain, … Read more

What is PAIN Stopping You From Doing?

We are frequently asked, “Why would someone see a Chiropractor?” You might think the answer would be headache, migraine, back, shoulder or knee pain (and more) when in fact, people are far more specific. People often come into the office with pain that is STOPPING them from doing something they enjoy. Perhaps the knee pain … Read more

Do You Have Problems With Hip Pain at Night?

It is not uncommon to experience pain while trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in at night. Often times, hip pain can even wake you from your sleep. Hip Pain Problems in the hip area can refer pain or tenderness over the side of the hip, especially when lying on your side. Technically … Read more

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