Do You Have Problems With Hip Pain at Night?

iStock_000023935543XSmallIt is not uncommon to experience pain while trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in at night. Often times, hip pain can even wake you from your sleep.

Hip Pain

Problems in the hip area can refer pain or tenderness over the side of the hip, especially when lying on your side. Technically this pain syndrome could be bursitis, tears of the gluteal muscles or snapping hip.  Treatment is often delayed for this type of pain because the signs are under recognized.

Pain can be a dull ache or even sharp. The hip can be painful during activities such as sports and even climbing the stairs or getting out of a chair. Most notably is pain during the night from lying on the involved side.

Research has shown that chiropractic care, exercise as well as non-invasive soft tissue therapy such as  Graston Technique, are successful in reducing pain and improving function.

The Graston Technique performed at a frequency of two times per week for 3 weeks, followed by targeted stretching and ice, provides a cost effective solution for treating hip pain.

Pain over a specific joint is often the result of the body trying to fix an imbalance in the muscles.  Muscles that are commonly tight and need help stretching are the hamstrings and the middle muscle of the quads.  The muscles that are commonly weak and need help gaining strength are the outer hip muscles especially the gluteus medius.  This combination of stretching and strengthening will provide improved stability and the reduction of irritation and pain.

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