3 Ways to Support Your Immune System – Part Two

Monday April 7, 2020, 5:30 pm

The past few weeks have been busy here. Everyone is into their routines, and school is in full swing – well as much as it can be from home.

I have been keeping on top of the latest research and immune system news by participating in several webinars. From nutrition to health & safety, how the world is dealing with COVID-19 is changing daily.

My goal is to educate myself and share with you the “pearls” of information that may help during this time.

Two Scenarios for COVID-19

  1. Don’t get the virus
  2. Get the virus

There are a lot of things in this world that we cannot control, but COVID-19 is one thing we can have an impact on. How well our body can keep us healthy and fight disease is so important. Our routines and other activities to keep our stress down are essential.  

The next big one? Exercise. Move your body!

The science behind how exercise affects our immune system is complicated, but the idea is simple:

  • get outside for fresh air
  • get your heart rate up. This pumps more blood through your body so those blood cells can get to where they need to go, fast!

Why exercise is important!

  • Exercise decreases anxiety and helps those suffering from depression.
  • Exercise increases dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is the “feel good” hormone and slows the release of stress hormones.
  • We can teach ourselves that when you exercise, it feels good. So when you think about exercise, your body will associate it with feeling good.  

If starting a new exercise routine is feeling hard to do, please remember, the most impact you will have is just STARTING. Every little bit helps. Don’t wait until tomorrow, start NOW!

Take advantage of this time of physical distancing by finding something on the internet that appeals to you. For instance, the YMCA offers YThrive@home videos. There are literally thousands of activities for all levels and ages. If you are looking for some other tips and suggestions, visit Corbett Family Chiropractic’s Facebook and Instagram pages to see some of our moves! You can talk to us any time – we’re here to support you!

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